Pool of Radiance

People, Places, & Things
Thanks CJ!

These are notes that CJ has taken during our adventures. Feel free to add or suggest revisions.

Atkins Rown – owner of the Fatted Cow & Titted Calf Inn
Chaub – Zhentarum merchant
Yover Glondin – Valingin graveyard keeper
Imazael – human bartender at the Laughing Goblin
Fat Mar – server & chief gossipper at the Laughing Goblin (now deceased)
Guard Sergeant Grimm – Watch Master
Igon Sokol – young noble (now deceased I think)
Guard Hern – Dwarf dock guard
Leila – groundskeeper at Sokol Keep
Ferryman Karst – Sokol Keep Ferrymaster
Bestic – half-orc thug known to be a member of the Welcomers
Cassara Brandywine – Librarian, sloppy, romantically involved with Lindel Leagallows
Aya Glenmeer – Librarian
Aegon LeMarck – Keeper of the Lords & Lineages of Pflan, forged his family history in the official register, Lord’s Alliance contact
Garda Greenleaf – Librarian
Wrathinax – juvenile black dragon (deceased)
Ellison – Dragon cultist
Hurg Pilwaver – Owner of the Leaky Bucket Inn
Hupe & Grinna Brightbell – Halflings at the Leaky Bucket Inn
Halvin Grangle – Hermit (deceased)
Seralus Greenleaf – Ranger living in the Quivering Forest
Jenny Greenteeth – Hag in the Quivering Forest (deceased?)
Pipyap – Imp (banished)
Lord Regent Ector Brahms – Ruler of Phlan
Grimshackle Brothers, Bevic & Lukarn – captured outlaws (deceased)
Braden – Harper contact
Captain Walharrow – Prison Warden
Krulek – framed Grey Patriots leader (deceased)
Karoth Winterspur – wizard trapped in a book (deceased)
Spurnic – young human thief posing as a scribe at Mantor’s Library, dragon cultist leader
Tybeam – young human thief posing as a scribe at Mantor’s library. dragon cultist (deceased)
Lord’s Sage of Phlan – old half-elf at Mantor’s Library
Knight-Lieutenant Bolvar – high ranking Black Fist, has a mistress
Tad Stosslip – Clerk at Cockburn’s Grocery
Scorlworyx – Red or Black(?) dragon
Skovak – Ancient leader of the Circle of the Scale destroyed by Scorlworyx (deceased twice)
Vorgansharax, the Maimed Virulence – adolescent green dragon with a maimed wing, oversized for his age
Claugillamater – Vorgansharax’s parent
Filiburstin Family – Bakers
Urapenny Thundertime – Mercenary
Gleveth – Welcomers contact
Farvnik – Dragon cultists leader (deceased)
Ixsusaqqa Terrorsong – Dragon cult leader, wizard elf who specializes in constructs

Fatted Cow – expensive, opulent Pflan Inn
Titted Calf – brothel located under the Fatted Cow
Thorn Island – location of Sokol Keep in the Pflan Harbor
Sokol Keep – Noble manse and castle with a magical lighthouse beacon used by Pflan ship traffic
Mantor’s Library – Scholarly library
Twilight Marsh
Kabel’s Hill
Quivering Forest
Stojanau River
Leaky Bucket Inn – in outskirt town of Pflan
Greenhall – Elf settlement in the Quivering Forest
Iron Route – northern road towards dwarven lands
Wilds of Thar – full of orcs
Cockburn’s Grocery
Dragonspire Mountains
Forest of Kryptgarden

Tyr – god of justice, worshipped by some Black Fists
Dagon – evil demon god with a shrine in Sokol Keep
House Cadorna – noble house in Pflan
Grey Patriots – Rebels against Lord Ector Brahams due to corruption
Pillar folding compass is used for cartography

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